Airquan Larkana has beaten up the police station to arrest the suspects

A Larkana policeman who arrested two suspects with a bottle of liquor on Sunday was beaten at his own police station.

Walid police ASI Asghar Mugheri made a video of himself in his torn uniform after the policeman was attacked and posted it on Facebook in a trend of instant anger.

Zulfiqar Jhakrani beat him up in front of the SHO and other police officers for having links with the PPP. Jhakarani then took the two arrested with him.

The SSP took note of the incident and directed an investigation by ASP Rizwan Tariq. He has already recorded the statements of SHOs and other officials at the police station.

No action has yet been taken against the SHO or the hackers. ASI Mugheri did not agree to speak to the media until the investigation was completed.

An FIR was lodged 24 hours after the incident but there was no mention of violence against ASI Mugheri. It was registered on behalf of another policeman.