Jennifer Aniston admits she almost came out of Hollywood

Hollywood's top woman Jennifer Aniston has ruled the industry for decades.

However, how many do not know how his friends almost blocked the path to his fame and glory, a project that left him exhausted.

Appearing on the Smartless podcast on Monday, the Murder Mystery star recalled that point in his career when he almost held hands.

Speaking to Jason Batman, San Hayes and Will Arnett, Aniston said: "I have to say the last two years have crossed my mind, which I have never done before."

"It happened after I finished a job and I was like, 'Oh, there really was ... that sucked my life And and I don't know if that's what I'm interested in,'" he added.

He went on to say how the project was not ready: "You always say, 'I'll never do it again! Never again! I'll never go back to the start date'."

Speaking about the management, Aniston said: "I'd like to jump in that chair more. I enjoy it to the fullest."