Rashid's secret meetings tarnish army's reputation: analyst

Pakistan analyst Salim Bukhari criticized Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid for "damaging" the Pakistani army's reputation, saying that Rawalpindi politicians were actually telling people that the army was interfering in politics.

"Sheikh Rashid says the army runs all the tactics," Bukhari told Amber Shamsi on Saturday. "When they said that only the army could give NRO to the people, they [the government] denied it."

PML-N senator Musaddiq Malik agreed with Bukhari and said that Nawaz Sharif had named only one retired general in his speech but only four government ministers.

"What are they trying to say? They are actually supporting Nawaz Sharif's narrative," said Senator Malik.

Punjab PTI minister Mia Mehmood-ur-Rashid, however, said she believed Nawaz's remarks ended his political career because his party leaders were not ready to support his statement.

The people of Pakistan will not have a say in the military, the PTI minister said. He added that politicians should come together for a dialogue because the abuse of the army will not reveal anything.