Stop using Sindhu like an honest boy, the chief minister told the federal government

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has asked the PTI-led federal government to stop using the Sindh government and the people of the province as honest sons.

He asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to play his role and treat all the provinces equally.

On Sunday, Shah went to Kandhkot and told local journalists that no one would be allowed to divide the Indus.

Both the PTI and GDA leaders are conspiring against the PPP government, he claimed, urging an end to such dirty politics when much of Sindh was facing dire floods.

Asked about recent remarks by Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid, he said he did not have time to comment on the man who was always beaten around the bushes. Rashid recently said that opposition leaders had met with army chiefs.

Shah said that when all the schools are open, everyone has to observe certain SOPs to fight the coronavirus. Sindhu plans to resume primary and secondary classes from September 26 (Monday).

The threat of a deadly virus is still very high here, he warned.