The PML-N has formed a committee to probe Talal Chowdhury's 'fight'

The PML-N has formed a three-member committee to probe the fight involving former MNA Talal Chowdhury.

Saira Afzal is leading the Tara Committee and will submit a report on the matter within three days.

Chowdhury was injured in a battle at Faisalabad on 23 September. His arm was broken and his back was injured. He is currently being treated at the National Hospital in Lahore and is said to be improving.

In a video, Chowdhury said he was attacked while attempting a robbery. He even claimed that the robbers had taken his mobile phone.

His brother Bilal Chowdhury Chowdhury, however, said he was injured in a fight outside the home of a female MNA in Faisalabad.

The female MNA's brother, on the other hand, said the attack took place near their home but they were not involved. Chowdhury is like a brother like us, he remarked, adding that they often meet him to discuss political issues.

Punjab government spokesman Fayazul Hasan Chouhan and PM's aide Shahbaz Gill both said he was harassing the female MNA, who is also from the PML-N.

Chohan claimed that his brothers beat him late at night for harassing him.

The woman MNA alleged that she had called the Faisalabad CCPO about the incident but did not register an FIR. Chowdhury also did not file any case.

Faisalabad police went to MNA's house

A four-member police investigation committee visited the woman MNA's home on Sunday but she was not at home. His bodyguards told him he had left for Islamabad.

The committee was formed under the direction of Operation SSP.

ASP Abdul Khalik said that at night we did not know such a big thing. He promised that they would record the statements of MNA and Chowdhury.